What is Hashnode..?

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Hashnode is a community created by Syed Fazle Rahman the Co-founder & CEO and Sandeep Panda the Co-founder & CTO this was founded in 2016, where you can share your knowledge through blog posts and they provide a free domain for users to maintain the blogs.

Features of Hashnode:

  • Hashnode gives free domain for users for example legum.hashnode.dev and also we can add our Domain if we want.
  • Can read unlimited blog post which is been posted in hashnode.
  • The main important thing is hashnode is free for users with no advertisement.
  • We can use markdown Language and HTML code in Hashnode
  • You can create pages as much as you want for your blog post website.
  • We can check Blog Analytic that how many people have viewed our post.
  • Can import file from Mediam.com

How to post a blog in Hashnode:

  1. After creating your hashnode account there will be a column called write stories which is shown in the image by clicking it you can start writing your story Frame 1.png
  2. After writing your blog you can add a cover image and also OG image.
  3. We can also add tags to the post in the select tags bar.
  4. Now you are ready to publish your article by clicking on publish blog.

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Interesting article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Hashnode.